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The Style Of Modern Oil Painting Is Different
Nov 01, 2017

For China, modern oil painting is a kind of imported goods, since the Ming dynasty into China, after several generations of efforts, the modern oil painting with its gorgeous color, rich expression techniques, realistic realistic effect, huge visual impact and other characteristics of popular people, and gradually in China, the root. Although the history of modern oil painting art to China began in the Ming Dynasty, Modern Oil Painting but it is a kind of painting form to really get a more systematic and healthy development or in the new China. With the progress of the times, people's way of life, mode of thinking, value of value, aesthetic consciousness has taken a profound change, leading to modern oil painting presents a variety of different styles of the complex situation, realism, performance, abstraction, ideas and other types of art in parallel. The influence of modern oil painting on Chinese People's cultural life is more and more great.

In the field of painting art development, since the emergence of impressionism, Modern Oil Painting modern oil painting composition occupies a more and more important position, the means of the screen is gradually clear up, especially to the late Impressionism, several famous painters in the modern oil painting picture of the form of speech composition is particularly evident. These famous works have already appeared completely different from the traditional painting school in appearance, it will be difficult to understand the meaning of the image directly into the real image behind the work, these seemingly insignificant changes in the meaning of modern oil paintings are the elements of the composition. At present, the composition has become the main body supporting the whole modern oil painting picture, the concrete expression in the composition of the modern oil painting has the picture balance, the whole, Modern Oil Painting the transformation and the symmetry, also has the use of the geometrical technique the line, the surface and the point and so on the element, lets the modern oil painting

The creation of modern oil painting is an objective reappearance, the artists are only faithfully reproduce the natural landscape, and according to their own thoughts on natural refining processing. Since the beginning of 20th century, modern oil painting is no longer just a true depiction of objective objects, but rather a free creation with the subjective intention of the artist, and the subjective expression becomes the core of the work.

Today's painters are more out of their studios, to explore and capture the instantaneous change of light and color in nature, and to break the traditional concept of color concepts, Modern Oil Painting such as the tree is blue green, Shadow is black, it put the ambient color of the natural color of the impact of the objective rendering.

Modern oil painting has developed so far. Modern Oil Painting There are mainly post Impressionism, Beast Faction, Cubism, futuristic, abstract, surrealism, etc. and different regions, different countries, different cultural traditions to the modern oil painting genre added a lot of color.