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The Mural Has A Permanent
Oct 20, 2017

Mural is attached to architecture and exists, but has its own artistic individuality. Mural and its carrier walls are closely tied together, the wall and other building elements together to form the whole building, Wall Sculptures so the mural with its attached wall to participate in the construction of the overall composition.

In this way, the mural is bound to become the architectural form, space and environment of the elements and coexist with the building, the formation of murals and other paintings are different characteristics is that it itself has obvious architectural properties, that is, the architectural nature of the mural. Wall Sculptures From this basic feature, the murals naturally have the area and capacity of HTC, combined with the construction of the building, and the combination of the process, permanent characteristics.

Murals exist as a material form and will form. He is not only as an integral part of the building has a physical function, but also different works of art has a mental function. The two kinds of possibility which the mural undertakes, namely the difference, is also closely related. The material function of mural painting is to make the mural work together to form the environment space, and the spiritual function of fresco is to declare a spiritual consciousness to people through architecture and itself. Therefore, the ancients because the murals have "into the Enlightenment, to help the human relations, Wall Sculptures the test intangible, the Poor God Change" the mighty and chanted, modern people are also because of its beautification of life, Wall Sculptures edify the mind of the shallow role also advocated.

The determination of the content and form of fresco must be based on the need of architecture. For example, the Yongle Palace in Shanxi, as a Taoist temple, undoubtedly its content and form should obey the propaganda Taoist thought and depict the Taoist temple, undoubtedly its content and the form all must obey in the propaganda Taoism thought and depicts the Taoist story, but also some murals only in order to adjust, improves the indoor overall atmosphere, makes the person feel warm and cordial, Or stately grandeur, or comfort Yi Yue, or gaudy luxury ······ According to the different requirements of the building, fresco authors will consider the appropriate subject matter, composition, tone, Wall Sculptures materials and processing methods in order to adapt and meet the needs of the building and users, so that their work and the audience in a strong artistic infection, the formation of a shared space in the best state, so that the environment of life to produce a qualitative leap.