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The Application Of Oil Painting Is Very Wide
Nov 01, 2017

Oil painting is a kind of western painting art, with strong expressive force and technical effect. Rich color changes, transparent, heavy level of contrast, infinite brush strokes and solid durability, is the public favorite painting art. Now the scope of application of oil painting is very wide, Oil Painting it is not only the favorite darling of the gallery, but also into the decoration areas, including home decoration painting, hotel decoration painting, and the decoration of the cafe and so on.

What are the characteristics of the painting itself? Oil painting originated in Europe, about 15th century by the Dutch invented, with linseed oil to reconcile the pigment, in the processed cloth or board painting. Oil paint pigment opaque, strong coverage, so the painting can be from deep to shallow, Oil Painting layer by layer cover, so that the painting produced three-dimensional. Is the main painting in the history of Western painting. Here, the Shandong Biennale experts will explain to the oil painting enthusiasts have their own characteristics. The difference between oil painting and Chinese painting: oil painting is one of the main paintings in western painting. Oil Painting It is oil-blended oily pigments on specially made cloth, wood, thick paper and wall painting. Oil painting is generally heavy, heavy reproduction, remodeling, often use the focus of perspective to plastic, oil paint has a strong hiding power, rich colors, can fully display the object color changes, very realistic. Chinese painting is one of the traditional plastic arts of our country. It uses the brush, ink, Chinese painting pigments in the specific paper, paper, silk and other materials on the painting. Chinese painting can be divided into characters, landscapes, flowers and birds and other subjects, Oil Painting there are meticulous, freehand, and work with pen and other techniques. Chinese painting in the shape of the main use of lines and ink changes to hook, point, dye, thick, light, dry, wet, virtual, real, sparse, dense and other means of expression to describe the object, and poetry, books, Oil Painting seal clever combination The In terms of technology, the superiority of oil painting is as follows: can draw large cloth oil painting, easy transportation, easy decoration, easy collection, easy to save, easy to clean; oily pigment dry slow, the artist can repeatedly modify the screen, and on the screen Direct color, color; color plastic paint with paint for the painter to bring a flexible, wide and free free painting space; oil color bright, conducive to the image of the texture of the characterization, to fully express the complex color level, with a transparent , Rich and rich superior effect; oil paint has a strong hiding power and plasticity. Can be a one-time finish, you can also multi-layer coverage, color layer will not fall off. The oil layer is dry and durable, the color is bright, the pigment does not change in the drying process; Oil Painting can use different toner to control the color drying time, may use the color layer contrast, the stroke change produces the rich picture texture, The surface of the painting, or in the pigment particles in the performance of traits objects.

Oil painting, including color, light and shade, lines, texture, brushstroke, texture, light perception, space, composition and other modeling factors, the role of oil painting technology is the shape of the factors integrated or focused on the individual manifestation of oil painting material performance Provides the possibility of using oil painting techniques on a flat foundation. Oil Painting The process of making oil painting is that the artist consciously and skillfully manipulates the oil painting material, chooses and applies the creative process which can express the artistic thought and form the artistic image. Oil Painting The oil painting works not only expresses the ideological content given by the artist, but also shows that the development process of the unique oil painting of the oil painting language has gone through the classical, modern and modern times, and the oil painting of different periods is restrained by the artistic thought and technique of the times Different look.