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Seascape Oil Painting
Dec 27, 2016

On the sea oil painting, sea painting works, is a painter in the sea after watching the sea and personally see the scenery in the sea and depict the scenery, sea oil paintings Majestic, broad and far-reaching, a good sea view oil paintings are worth collecting.

Seascape oil paintings are diverse, mostly depicting surging, usually very bright blue sea water, turbulent water, waves to push forward before, a row of white flowers surrounded by rushing water, sound like a thunderbolt, the potential is full steam ahead. The sea suddenly became a boundless battlefield, the sea breeze blowing sharp "horn", the waves seem to be thousands of heroic fighters, violent attack to the coast, issued a rumbling. Shore jin heavy stones, as long as the tide gently whisk, as if all of a sudden "Shen" to the "bottom" to go. Rows of waves hit the shore, splashing a piece of spray. This spectacular tide, I feel, in the vast boundless sea, the number of hidden power, this vast sea of water caused many poets infinite reverie. Shortly after sunset, the western sky is still burning with an orange sunset. The sea is also dyed red, but it is more spectacular than the sky. Because it is active, whenever the rows of waves filled when the shine on the peaks of the glow, and red and bright, just like a piece of Huo Huo burning flames, flashing, rolling, disappearing . And behind a row, then flashing, rolling over Chung, in this beautiful night, I marching soft sand beach, along the beach, walked slowly forward. These are usually the best portraits of ocean-view oil paintings.

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