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Reflections On Landscape Paintings
Dec 27, 2016

In many ways there is a huge difference between China and the United States. Such as politics, demographics, history, times, culture, and place in the world. As one of the oldest countries in the world, China embodies its value in its thousands of years of history with its continuous development. Until recently the historical process is still known as the world center. As the history of the era is full of turbulence and stubborn closed-door policy. The face of the new world order. In the pursuit of new exploration. Two hundred years of history in the United States only in recent decades only to reflect their own existence. 80's trendy often in the 90's was expelled from the fashion outside. The process of post-modern society to re-define the culture every day. In the United States, a more important tradition is more likely to be abandoned; to be good is to be absorbed into the new illusion. Often the East will be the West as a new beauty chase, vexation, reversed. Is rarely true.