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Realistic Landscape Oil Painting
Dec 27, 2016

Realistic landscape oil painting as a multivariate one yuan, its own artistic mission and artistic charm after a lot of wind and rain, still diminished its style. It pay more attention to the expression of painting language, make full use of the carrier of oil painting art to care for life, pay attention to the relationship between man and society. Painting emphasizes the emergence of self-appearance.

Realistic landscape painting hand-painted wall, first of all have a super hand-painted wall skills, but also have a certain degree of familiarity with the material and control.

1. The draft, generally very fine first graphics.

2. Color, the color should be brighter than expected.

3. Glazing.

Realistic landscape painting absorbs the use of a variety of materials, the screen is significantly better than other effects of painting. In short, realistic landscape oil painting has irresistible charm, has an irreplaceable function, for the user to show endless scenery.