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Photo Frame Helps Protect Photos
Oct 20, 2017

The frame is mainly used for the four-sided positioning of the photo, and to enhance its aesthetic nature. Also conducive to the protection of the quality of photos, such as the photo frame with glass, can prevent photo change yellowing and so on.

There are many kinds of frames:

One, wooden photo frame class: With a variety of wood made, such as Phoebe.

Two, plastic photo frame: It is an organic matter. Picture Frames The weight is very small, this can be made into large photo frames, easy to carry.

Three, digital photo frame: Digital Photo frame is a frame, but it is no longer used in the way of the photo display, but through a liquid crystal screen,

Frame is a frame made of wood for raw materials. At present, the common materials are Chinese fir, pine, oak, paulownia, oak and so on. The most commonly used is the FIR, Picture Frames pine and Catalpa wood. The general frame shape has rectangular, square, round, heart-shaped, oval and other abnormity. Most common in rectangles. In the style, the common desktop, vertical, hanging type. Small desktop is the most common.

The frame is so popular is because it is not only simple and generous, but also retro, art, full of pastoral atmosphere, and frame very hundred, regardless of your life photos or art photos, with it to show, Picture Frames can give you a fresh and natural feeling, let you indulge in beautiful memories.

In the frame of purchase before the first to understand its type, generally divided into solid wood painting and solid wood painting two kinds.

Solid wood Painting: cut into a frame with a precision saw, after the frame is formed, the frame is cast on a layer of plaster, then sprayed with a layer of paint. Picture Frames Mainly used for framed calligraphy and painting, Chinese painting, oil painting and so on.

Solid wood Painting: the frame after the formation of sand after repeated grinding after spraying primer, and then through sandpaper hand-polished spray paint.

In the photo frame to pay attention to two aspects, first, the thickness of the frame at least 1.8 cm thick, the same two frames are solid wood, the price is likely to frame very much, then compare the thickness of the frame, many businesses through the camouflage to deceive consumers eyes. Second, the picture frame glass has a lot of various types, choose Quartz HD glass best, because quartz high-definition glass high-definition, Picture Frames resistance to friction, long time still bright as new, but quartz HD glass is more fragile. Also need to pay attention to the place is the frame backplane, to check whether the Backplane function is complete, such as hanging the wall of the hook, placed the bracket and so on.