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Mural Is Very Cost-effective
Nov 01, 2017

The fresco is a comprehensive art of systemat-ic planning involving "multi-part disciplines". It is attached to the building and exists, but has its own artistic personality. The frescoes are in close contact with the walls of the carrier, and the walls together with other building elements make the building as a whole, and the frescoes are involved in the overall composition of the building together with the wall to which it is attached.

In this way, the fresco is bound to become a building element, space and environmental factors and the coexistence of the building, the formation of mural and other paintings is characterized by its own distinctive architectural properties, that is, Wall Sculptures the architectural nature of the murals. From this basic characteristics, the fresco naturally has a HTC area and capacity, combined with the building, and craft production, permanent and so on.

The story of a mural. With a similar watercolor paint painted on the stucco called murals. Wet mural is a very durable murals, the first time in the production of a layer of rough on the wall of the plaster, followed by a relatively thin second layer of mortar, and then the entire composition of the large sketches of sketches And then painted with a thinner third layer of plaster (that is, the murals of the surface), Wall Sculptures smear the area to the amount of day painting work shall prevail. In this surface layer, but also with other uncoated part of the surface (the original description of the draft) in the description of the draft, and then dissolved in water or lime water paint on the surface of the wet plaster, the pigment dried , Will become very light, Wall Sculptures when the color must first consider the concentration. In this way, the color has a very subtle effect.

Mural has been an important part of home decoration, and now has several frescoes general classification, classical, modern, abstract, relief and so on, the main role is to reflect the decor mural, Wall Sculptures the definition of the owner's personality and artistic preferences.

So, the choice frescoed time, in conjunction with individual requirements, such as the owner is a mature type, the general should choose solemn little bit strong oil or Chinese painting, inscriptions and so on; if the owner is a young fashion, then, murals choice It should be to light colors, abstract, fashion, personality in this area closer, you can choose some borderless oil painting, modern stream of consciousness works.

Murals advantage: also reflected in the combination and interchangeability, Wall Sculptures with the passage of time, aging decor, home improvement will gradually tired of the owner, then choose to replace some of the murals, you can achieve the effect of rapid conversion of the mood of Like the fresh look of modern people, is a very cost-effective choice. The key is the fresco it's low cost, easy to match, Wall Sculptures high degree of freedom.

Mural painting is painted on the wall, the quality is also different, as well as wallpaper clarity is not high, and the fresco not only has a very good decorative effect, its unique freehand picture also highlights the owner's personality and taste.

According to the individual's decorative style, color matching and master preferences, you can choose to match the mural style, Wall Sculptures murals of its unique color and style like a flow of scenery is fixed on the wall, so monotonous wall instantly filled Three-dimensional, showing a different kind of flavor and style.