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Impression Of Landscape Painting
Dec 27, 2016

Impressionist scenery has now become the most important school of faction, also known as the "Impressionist", produced in the 1860s in France. In 1874 Monet's painting, Impression Sunrise, was attacked by academics, and critics dubbed the painters "Impressionism", which the Impressionist named it. Features

Impressionist emphasis on the objective things feel and impression, against the conservative, advocate the art of innovation. Painting techniques on the light and color were studied to study the use of light outside the object description method, and recognize that the color change is caused by the light color, color is observed with the location of the light by the different state and the impact of the environment Changes, while applying this scientific principle to the painting. Subtle color changes according to observation and direct perception. To the later modern art with great influence.

Impressionists from the previous art form of history and religion of dependence, the artists boldly abandoned the traditional concept of creation and program. The focus of the artist's attention shifted to purely visual sensibility, and the content and theme of the work became less important.